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Are you running your organisation but not getting the quality leads and prospects that are easily convertible? Or looking for B2B lead generation companies for more business?

If your answer is YES! You are at the right place. We at Only B2B are pioneer in business to business lead generation and demand creation services.

“During the financial year 2017, the total number of MSMEs in India was more than 36 million.” says a study conducted by Statista


B2B lead generation companies

Now just think about it, from where these 30 million organisations are getting business? Obviously, most of us would say that they might be having their in-house sales/business development teams, haven’t we?

Please remember we are talking about the MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) sector, not the big-scale ventures. For those who don’t know what the MSME is? Read the same in below section.

MSME Requirements Are;

A micro organisation is an enterprise where the investment in equipment does not exceed Rs. 10 lakh.

A small organisation is an enterprise where the investment in equipment is more than Rs.10 lakh but does not exceed Rs. 2 crore.

A medium organisation is an enterprise where the investment in equipment is more than Rs. 2 crore but does not exceed Rs. 5 crore.

Now let’s again return to the question that we are asking, Do you think every MSME is able to generate the business through their sales and BD teams? NO!

Now ask Why? Because they don’t have the expertise to find the potential prospects and having their own sales and BD teams is a costly option for most of the small and micro organisation.

If you too fall into that category and finding the b2b lead generation companies for your business Only B2B would be the best fit for you.

Let us put it in such a way where you can clearly define your critical business problems and the enterprise-level solutions offered by OnlyB2B that just only solve your problems also provide you with exposure to the limitless opportunities that you have not yet explored.

With OnlyB2B, you can find the customised service package as per your requirements and business size.

Demand Generation

Being an enterprise, whatever product or service you are dealing into, you would be facing leads related issues like inappropriate leads, unconvertable prospect or totally junk leads, aren’t you?

So here is the solution for your this problem Only B2B, a leading demand generation firm that offers tailor-made enterprise solutions as per your demand. To name a few we have successfully delivered our services to reputed brands like Lenovo, Redhat, Shutterstock, Veritas, Vimeo, Amazon web services, Box, Spectrum, Cognizant, Docusign and many more.

In demand generation, OnlyB2B is one of the leading b2b lead generation companies offer specific services and you can choose any of it as per your requirements also we provide the tailor-made service bundle that fits your budget and expectations both.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the USP of Only B2B and we excelled in this with our highly experienced resources. In ABM we focus on the target account first. To find the focused account we use various demographic dividends, then we nurture these targeted accounts with relevant content, relevant communication and contextual branding.

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With effective ABM your marketing and sales teams would be focusing only on the accounts that will most likely convert and generate business for you. So that’s the ABM process for b2b lead generation companies to follows. Explore more here.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) the other most popular methodology in lead generation vertical. The basic approach we are using here is to ensure that the leads are purified through some relevant filters to be the ideal audience for what you are offering.

MQL leads are those semi nurtured prospects that if nurtured with further information will certainly convert into sales. To do the same we follow our standard protocol from asking the relevant questions to finalise their interest in what we are offering and if they show interest we propel their sales-readiness by information and resolution to their need hence converting them into sales.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is one of our popular offerings. Sales is the ultimate goal for any business to sustain and grow irrespective of its size & scale.

In SQL (Please remember SQL is not that structured query language☺️) we first get the lead vetted through marketing and sales departments to ensure that they will get converted by your sales folks.
Here too we follow the rest of the approach similar to ABM and MQL if you want to know the specific approach.

These are the primary offerings that our organisation boasts of in B2B lead generation companies segment. Apart from that we also offer Event promotion, End to end Digital marketing services, B2B List building, Database installation, Database cleansing and many more

As you are finding for B2B lead generation companies, we are quite hopeful that you have got the answer by now. If still in doubt, contact us as we are here to answer your genuine queries and offer you the exact solution that is best for you.

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