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10 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

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Welcome to another marvelous article, this time, we have brought the solution to the most common yet extremely crucial business level topic.

The top 10 best email marketing automation tools that can actually propel the overall customer satisfaction along with personalized offerings to each customer.

Do you know?

“In 2015 the daily sent and receive email count was 205 billion that is expected to rise up to 240 billion” also one more amazing statistics is;


“The average per user email in 2015 was 1.7email/user that is expected to rise up to 1.9 email/user by the end of 2019” allow us to simplify this for you, this means on an average every single internet user had 1.7 email in 2015 that and in 2019 everyone will have 1.9 (roughly 2) emails.

P.S. both the mentioned facts are based on email statistics report, 2015-2019 conducted by The Radicati Group, Inc.

Why Email Marketing Is Necessary?

“For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect $38 in return,” says another study conducted by the DMA (UK) Ltd

So whether you are in B2B or in the B2C segment, email is one of the best ways to boost the interest of your targeted audience in what you are offering. This is also an important strategy if crafted with well-defined goals and implemented successfully, will bring the desired outcome for sure.

Now let’s understand what are the most popular tools that can help your business to serve the clients efficiently. Here is the best email marketing tools!

1. MailChimp

You might have already heard about it, aren’t you? MailChimp is actually the leader in best email marketing tools diaspora. Due to the simplicity and widespread user base has helped the MailChimp grow up to this extent.

With its user-friendly interface, you can do everything that is required in the email marketing campaign like mail custom template designing, content reference, overall customer journey track record, automation etc.

This tool provides you with all the required guide, support and suggestion that you have to consider for the same.

2. SendinBlue

The another giant in email marketing list is SendinBlue. While in it’s early stage they were an overall digital branding organisation but ended up being an email marketing leader globally.

Long gone those days when you have to send the emails manually and that was use to be a hectic task. Now the paradigm has shifted drastically, automation has taken the place and the process of email marketing turned interesting.

The best feature that SendinBlue is offering is the customer journey of every individual so that you can leverage this analysis to build the priority customer list.

Apart from this SendinBlue provide quite attractive free/basic plans, support over the phone and 300 mails per day to name a few.

3. Drip

In B2B, drip is one of the popular and best email marketing tool available. This is mostly preferred by the E-commerce industry.

The key strength as they mentioned Omnichannel marketing, automation, strategic testing and many more. You can visualise the insights and convert them into

Drip is not just the email marketing tool, in fact, the overall CRM (Customer relationship management) tool. As the internal study of drip says the customers prefer to buying from those who recognize, remember and present tailor-made solutions for them

4. Marketo

An adobe company, nothing can beat the credibility factor of a tool. The same is with the marketo tool as it’s a tool by Adobe Inc.

Here in this tool, you can avail all the major enterprise-level functionalities apart from just email marketing like account-based marketing, revenue attribution, adobe cloud integration, customer marketing and a lot more.

Fujitsu, Audi, Roche are some of the major names that have used this tool so far.

5. Pardot

A product of salesforce is another big authority holder in enterprise-level email marketing tool.

This tool can do a lot more than just email marketing. Lead management, buyer engagement, deal closure, develop & grow relationship, et cetera.

You can actually keep the track of each of your campaign and make every dollar count.

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6. Oracle Eloqua

This is a tool by oracle for email marketing. Again the trust of the parent organisation, that is oracle here, plays a vital role for a customer to choose it.

Eloqua comes under the software as a service (SaaS) category tools available for best email marketing. This tool provides all in one solution from demand generation, email marketing to lead management altogether in a bundle.

7. AdRoll

The Artificial intelligence-based tool that provides personalised lead targeting, multi-channel functionality, advanced analyzation to turn the leads into end customers.

From enterprises’ viewpoint, you can smoothly handle all the customer-related task with this tool like building brand value, turning the visitor into a customer and enhance the customer loyalties.

8. HubSpot

When it comes to email marketing tools Hubspot can be your optimal resource for the same.

This is more like all in one SEO too instead of just email marketing option. From workflow management, goal-based lead nurturing to managing the consumer lifecycle with automation is the key strengths of it. 

9. AutoPilot

Specifically designed for email marketing tasks. The user interface of this too is absolutely stunning that makes it quite appealing for the user to use it.

Yahoo, Instagram, CNN, Taboola, etc are the big brands that are using this tool for their campaigns.

10. Get Response

last but not the least for AI-based marketing tool. From email marketing, CRM, list building, ecommerce et cetera in a single tool. You can attract, engage and convert the customers through this email marketing solution.

This way we have mentioned the 10 best email marketing automation tool to drive the desired results from your email marketing strategy. If you are still not sure about what to choose, kindly get back to us. We are always ready to assist your enterprise.   

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