content syndication websites

Looking For Content Syndication Websites | Here Is The Solution

Looking for content syndication websites? You are at the right place. Only B2B is the leader in this sector and provider of syndicated content as per requirement.

Those who are looking for the content syndication websites will be well aware of what is the content syndication but those who are not even aware of this terminology and it’s potential for the organisation, we are starting from the scratch so you can grasp the deeper understanding of this topic.


content syndication websites

What Is The Content Syndication?

For business, content is the key. But your potential customer might spread across various sectors and industries respectively their interest might also be varied to a great extent.

If you have the relevant content that can solve your client’s business problem, they will certainly show interest in your offerings. But what form of content can convince them in onboarding with you? Is the question here.

Here the content syndication website comes into picture. We at Only B2B offering the content syndication as per your venture’s requirements. We are the creator of authentic content and then segmenting it to all the forms so you are at the forefront of customer at every platform.

In content syndication, we serve the content in almost every form i.e. Video, Infographics, visual content, article, blog, Podcast,  press release, white papers, case studies, product/service manual, Ad copy, social media content, etc.

Let’s explore the importance of each type of content syndication.

Article/ Blog

This is the most popular form of content that is accepted by all B2B and B2C enterprises. The reason behind the popularity and widespread acceptability of articles and blogs is their descriptiveness.

You can use them to present an absolutely detailed write-up and us as many words as you need to elaborate on any topic. The process of writing a blog or article starts from selecting a topic and the present all the ifs & buts of that topic in details that will attract plenty of visitors if they find it relevant.

Also, one major thing to remember while writing an article/blog is to make it search-friendly so that whenever someone searched for the same they can easily find your write-up.

Press Release

In business and enterprise diaspora press release is a common practice but equally crucial so try to handle it with precise content. Whether you are launching a new product or service, offer for new customers, any big new for existing clientele or anything else.

Press release is a sophisticated way to communicate with the masses. So do proper homework and don’t let anything process without cross-checking. Not even a single or minute mistake is permissible in a press release.

Better to connect with content syndication websites for the press release rather than doing it at your own.

Video/ Infographics/ Visuals

Most of the people prefer the visual form of content in the form of videos, GIS, Motion videos or infographics. As a study says “the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 per cent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

With the increased data consumption in the form of video media, everyone prefer video more than anything to satisfy the need to find a solution or clear their doubt.

Infographics are a new way relatively to share the visual and text content in a single screen. This is also gaining momentum with time and people have started liking it as well.

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White Papers/ Case Studies

Both this type of content are used to elaborate on a particular business problem or complex situation. In while papers and case study the issuer explains how they have tackled the situations and explains what’s their view on overall circumstances.

This form of content is one of the most preferred while enterprise-level decision-maker are looking for content syndication websites. In every business situations and problems can arise at any time likewise the solutions also, and it’s better to get the solution documented so that in case the same problem arise the second time, the concerned person can have an idea how to handle it.


The growing popularity of voice-based search with Siri, Google assistant & amazon Alexa, the demand of podcast is in trend. You can easily convert your existing blog/article in audio enabled or podcast compatible format.

All you have to do is to get the assistance of content syndication websites to help you do the same.

Product/ Service Manual

Whether you are dealing into product or service-based industry whenever launching a new one, opt for the product or service manual instead of regular customer guide. And to do the same your product team might not be sufficient to get back to content syndication specialist for the same.

Social Media Content

Being an enterprise you would have your inhouse content and social media teams for sure. But to make your existing content strategy absolutely full-proof and work in such a way that drives business for is the requirement here.

Only B2B the content syndication website is here to assist you.

Hence you can optimize your content and present it in syndicated ways to get the desired results. The mantra for customer success is as simple as that, be present in front of your customer in such form that they like the most.

Are you ready to get your content syndicated? Reach us today for more details.

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