Email Design Best Practices

7 Email Design Best Practices To Grow Your Business & Customers

Do you think email can help you grow your business & increase the customer base?

If you think “ YES” you are right. But if your answer is “No” then you are wrong! Let’s find out why you are wrong. Following the email design best practices, you can achieve a lot from the business’ point of view.

Here we are presenting the ultimate guide focused on email marketing design-related practices that can boost your email relevancy to enhance your conversion rate.

Email Design Best Practices

Let’s read some mindblowing stats related to email marketing

“The time you have taken to read this sentence, 20 million emails were sent, Over 145+ Billion emails sent per day around the world, 27% emails opened on mobile devices, 3.3 Billion registered email account as of 2012,“ says a report by Mashable.

What Is Email Marketing?

The very process of email marketing is to write attractive email that can stand out from your already crowded email and compel the receiver to open it, read it and take the proposed action on it as simple as that. But that is the hardest part, these simple-looking lines are easy to say but hard to implement.

Though the email has not got the hype like other marketing strategies still it’s a terrific way of communication and if curated wisely can actually drive unimaginable revenue for your business. So, we will discuss the must to follow email design best practices for you are.

Build Your Own Contact List

The most common reason behind the failure of the email marketing campaign especially for small and medium scale business is they randomly purchase the email list from outsourced vendors. That is mostly stuffed with irrelevant and non-competent prospects and whatever tactics you might apply for them they are not gonna convert.

If you don’t have your existing and potential customer list as of now start building it today. We at Only B2B provide the list building solutions as per your need so we can also be helpful in that.

Give Your Email A Personal Touch

Trust and credibility plays a vital role in the success of an email marketing campaign. Instead of using the standard template for opening remark of mail, use the name of the recipient that shows that you know the receiver and it makes them feel delighted.

The next level of giving a personal touch is to use the demographic segmentation and user behaviour analysis to send the relevant products or services suggestions to them. You can use various email marketing tools that we mentioned here for the analysis and find the search pattern.

Keep Your Email List Precise

Quality matters a lot more than quantity so in the initial stage try to keep your email list short, precise and consisted of only the relevant customers. Stuffing it with the junk data is not going to help in any way.

Make The First Impression Best

Here the first impression means the subject line and the preview text of the email should be structured in such a way that receiver would most likely open it.

Don’t add the stopper things in the preview itself like Image can’t be open, you can’t reply these actually leads the receiver to completely ignore your mail. So better to avoid such practices.

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Use Drip Email Campaign

Email design best practices include the use of a drip campaign. Here in drip email marketing approach, we schedule at least 4-5 emails for each receiver in advance with the time when they will be triggered automatically.

Drip campaign basically work in a pre-defined way, when the receiver performed an action like reply, request for a demo, brochure or attachment download. Etc, at that point, the drip marketing will automatically be configured for the same user.

So you don’t have to worry that all the receivers are going to receive all the mails. This drip campaign is included in almost every email marketing tools.

Gain The Attention With Your Signature

In most of the email marketing cases, the sender is sending on behalf of his/her organisation still it is recommended to add your signature with email that gives it a human touch.

When the receiver is confirmed with the fact that they are receiving the mails form another human being rather than some automated tool, the open rate is expected to rise in such cases.

Several Other Tips

Apart from these, you can also consider a few more tips on email design best practices like do the A/B testing with different CTAs and Subject lines to find what works best for you, don’t extend the email template size more than 500 pixel else receiver has to slide horizontally, offer discounts for the first-timers, use your brand logo in the first/top section of your email, add the pitchy landing pages, give your email a try on your colleague before launching the campaign to check the overall relevancy one last time.

Hence we have covered the major email design best practices if followed will definitely grow your business and drive more revenue. For more attractive business solutions get back to us.

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